Menopause Tea

Menopause Tea

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A combination of beautiful herbs traditionally used to treat physical symptoms of menopause and provide the emotional and spiritual support during this transitory life stage.



Peppermint, Lemon Balm, Red Clover, Lavender, Sage


Physical Body


Energetic Body


Cools heat and regulates the body temperature

Cleanses the physical and auric body including all chakras

Lemon Balm

For vitality and liver-support. as well as expulsion of toxins from liver and kidneys.

Karmic balancing, understanding what you're here to do

Red Clover
May be useful in treating low oestrogen in menopause

Resolving emotional troubles and assisting in the understanding of emotions


Mood regulation and nerve tonic

Inner peace and feminine strength  

Harmonises hormones Grounds and cleanses the energetic body