Rose Quartz

Bathing Ceremony

Welcome to the self love ceremony

A source of pure love, Rose Quartz helps to open up the heart chakra so that love can flow in abundance. Ideal for cultivating self love and a love for others, this crystal has a beautiful energy that supports the release of fears, dissolve emotional barriers and help mend a broken heart.

Image by Andréas BRUN

Welcome to your Rose Quartz Bathing ceremony, From our hands to yours, we are so grateful that this rose quartz potion has been guided by the highest intention and made its way to you. We believe that everything we create always ends up in the right place. 

When you have 10 or more minutes to yourself, we'd love to invite you to take some time just for you and join us in a bathing ceremony 

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Stage one

Setting your intention 

As you hold your soak, feel into the essence of love. Love for self and love for others. We infuse each rose quartz soak with the crystal essence of rose quartz so it holds this vibration for you to feel into.

Decorate your space with things that feel loving to you. Flowers, crystals, photos, candles, affirmations. 

As you draw your bath, send a loving intention into the water. Water holds vibration, and so sprinkling an intention of love creates a sacred space to hold your ceremony. We too are made of 70% water and so how we treat our water is directly reflected upon ourselves.    

Connect in with your heart space and from this space pour the salts into the bath. As they merge with the water, visualise the colour pink swirling through the water and back into your heart chakra, clearing and opening up this space. 

Light your candle to commence the ceremony and then hop into the bath.

Whilst you're bathing, listen to this meditation and allow the experience to open your heart. Breathe deeply and relax into the meditation

Stage two


Pink Sky




Above the Clouds

Stage three


As you come back into this present moment of bathing, we invite you to feel into this new vibration of love that you have created for yourself within this ceremony.

Journal Prompts

When you connect into your heart chakra what comes up for you? Images, stories, colours, emotions? Write or draw what you see.

In what area of your life do you give most love to

In what ways (and why) do you feel you are undeserving of love?

Write down three affirmations to allow love to flow in places that are currently blocked from recieving love. call in love in places you currently blocking love from entering.